Monday, March 31, 2003

Pro WAR or Pro AMERICAN? Anti IRAQ? Do you know where you stand?

I am getting really tired of all this war crap.

I mean really, are you pro war.... or pro American... because there is a difference to be found within this definition. It is one thing to support troops, or want to show support for close allies/trading partners.... but its something all together different to support a war - a war in which people (and I mean civilians and CHILDREN) are being killed, in a country that did not attack it's current aggressor.

Regardless, I am getting tired of hearing it really.... it's like a bunch of whining.... if you want to go to war - GO! No one is stopping you. Frankly I would love to see all these placard carrying "war supporting" people made to pick up rifles, quit their jobs, leave their families and head off to a little desert country with no gaurantee of ever coming home. Let them put into action what they preach. It's way too easy just to say it, especially if it is not you who has to go personally (it's funny how these people have no issue with commiting others to go in their place). I read in the paper today (Calgary Herald) about Ibrahim Abu Zedwan, a 40 yr old Jordanian farmer-turned soldier, who when repelled by the images of dead children killed in the Shula Market in Baghdad, he said "That's it, I'm going". He grabbed a gun, got on a bus and went to Baghdad to protect the children, because that is what he believed was important. Now that's action. That's conviction. Thats respectable.

Because that is the reality. I have to guage for myself if I believe in things enough to pick up a gun and kill someone, guage if my beliefs are that strong that they warrant ending the life of another human being. And I served in the army for six years, so I know what that means. There is no glory. Who are these (rich, christian, middle/upper class, white folk -opps did I say that out loud?) people who think this war is good? What do they base it on? War is never good. No one wins.

I assume that the Headlines tomorrow will be how recruitment for the Canadian Armed Forces has jumped to an all time high as all these "upstanding" people enlist in order to carry out what is good and right for world peace..... But, in case those headlines don't materialize, you can entertain yourself with a previous CNN news story that reflects the "humble beginnings" of this conflict. I found the archive for you... click here to read it.

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