Sunday, March 30, 2003

Sustaining our Future (and having fun doing it)!!
Red Deer PC AGM and Convention

Blogging after the fact always leaves a danger of forgetting something – and I had so much fun this weekend that I don’t want to leave anything out so I will try hard to remember everything! I enjoyed myself immensley (especially Saturday evening), met lots of cool people, made friends, partied and celebrated a “holiday” with Duncan!

Friday’s trip to Red Deer was pleasant but mostly uneventful. It should be noted that Duncan was elected as the Regional Director for Calgary North for the PC Youth at the youth AGM on Friday. The term is for two years. Congrats Duncan!

As Duncan had inadevertantly met up with his ex-wife during the Youth AGM, we got to do some shopping at the mall in Red Deer while we talked about what the poor guy had endured. We returned for the Premier’s speech that evening which was exciting and afterwards we were taken out for dinner at Moxies (Thanks Quynn!) and then we all spent the evening in hospitality suites, meeting up with other delegates and friends.

Saturday was likely the most exciting day of the conference… and even if it wasn’t it was the fullest. The Minister treated everyone to an early breakfast (Thanks Murray!), and then we all headed off into the sessions, where we discussed (and voted on) many resolutions within the topics of agriculture, justice, government services, learning and health. The highlight of lunch was sitting down with everyone and having a real chance to catch up, as the entertainment wasn’t that great and the food only so-so.

Duncan and I left the afternoon confederation debate early to go back to the hotel to have some alone time and to “get ready” for the evening’s entertainment, which was a dinner and dance (entertainment by the Kit Cat Club).

When Blake (PC Youth President) announced his new Provincial Executive during the dinner program and Duncan’s named was read out it was neat to see that he received the loudest applause and acknowledgement… as Murray said, his five minutes of fame for the conference.

Duncan had suggested the blue spring dress he bought me last year for the evening, and it ended up being perfect because the dance was 50’s – 60’s music (and it was a little 50’s replica dance dress). Loads of people commented on it, and there is no better way to feel special than being noticed (at the breakfast the next morning people were addressing us as the “dancing couple”)!

Saturday evening rocked. I drank lots of wine (Duncan was driving). We danced lots, and it was SO MUCH FUN (I love dancing with Duncan) – great music, great entertainment (the band was beautiful) and dancing with the most gorgeous and sexy guy in the world! How much better does it get? He really is perfect! We ended that night at the local Denny’s and finally crawled into bed together at 3:00am. Needless to say the next morning came a little too quickly…..

We arrived for Sunday breakfast after checking out of our hotel, and listened to Ralph Klien talk for an hour before the conference wrapped up. He said a great quote... "There is nothing wrong with Canada - just our Prime Minister". We found our other youth delegate, said our goodbyes, and packed into the van to head back to Calgary (mostly happy to leave Red Deer behind). Next years conference is in Banff at the Banff Springs Hotel (I am so excited!).

Luckily we made good time on the highway and arrived back in Calgary to enjoy our usual Sunday ritual of coffee and news in our local coffee shop. After some quick groceries we took the van back and Mike and Cindy invited us in for tea, which became four hours of tea, talking and chocolate. Mike drove us home but we had him drop us off at Pizza Hut for wings. Then we walked home, and when I finish blogging I am going to go snuggle with Duncan while I watch him play Zelda (which he missed whilst we were away).

In other news Wesley’s hockey has wrapped up with his spring tournament. His team did well and he had a lot of fun playing…. As he always does. Renee sent me a long letter from Belgium where she is enjoying her new husband and their pet project of restoring their 500 year old house. Maybe we shall go and visit them sometime soon...

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