Sunday, March 09, 2003

It's pretty darn cold here in Calgary!

I enjoyed myself today, despite it being rather cold.... We found a site on the internet that said Calgary was -35 and that the peak of Mount Everest was only -39! I don't know why it is so cold here, but I am going to invest some time praying to the Chinook gods to end it. Like soon.

After coffee this morning we rented DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball (XBox) and then we shopped for some used books (50% off today!). We got quite a few books, all fiction... some Joy Fielding, Michael Crichton, Judy Blume, John LeCarre as well as bunches of books for the kids! Nothing spectacular, but good quick reads when one is needed, and books can never be a waste.

This afternoon I got a special spa treatment a la Duncan, believe it or not.... I got a bubble bath, my hair washed (and conditioned) and then Duncan blow dried and brushed my hair whilst I sat there, eating strawberries and playing Beach Volley Ball on the XBox. It was divine! I sure felt special, isn't he great? Beach Volleyball is fun, I am sure it will become part of our collection soon, and Raven is really enamoured with it (there is shopping and all sorts of great stuff that appeals to a Raven).

The perogies at Grandmas house were also divine - thank goodness she sent us home with left overs! We had a great evening chatting - I always love hearing the family stories, getting to know everyone better and sharing memories with Duncan from his childhood. It is certainly something I miss from my own family....

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