Friday, March 07, 2003

Even more beautiful than the most perfect rose.... Life with you!


And I got spoiled - treated like a Princess!!!! I am soooo lucky. My birthday celebrations actually started last night when Duncan piled my presents in front of me just after midnight and insisted I open them... We had pulled the mattress downstairs to fall asleep watching movies/listening to music... he gave me 3 DVD's (The Road to Perdition, Shakespeare in Love, Apollo 13), the soundtrack for CHICAGO, The Sims (PS2), and an engraved pewter picture frame (Love is life's most beautiful mystery) for our picture together. We both had the day off, so we slept in, we lazed around, we watched The RING (Good scare!), we played the Sims and then went for a late breakfast. After a little bit of shopping we got the kids and are now just getting ready for friends coming over tonight (we are gonna light a fire, drink some spirits, order us all some Pizza and let the night go from there).

Duncan also wrote me an awesome story in honor of my (coff, coff, 31st, *ahem*) birthday, and you can read it on line! He's cute and talented too! He's all I really wanted for my birthday!

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