Tuesday, March 18, 2003

In FRANCE, President Jacques Chirac states "This unilateral decision is contrary to the wishes of the (U.N.) Security Council and the international community which wants to pursue disarmament."

SPANISH Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar assures the world that "Spain will not participate in missions of attack or offense. There will not be Spanish troops in offensive attacks."

GERMAN Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder commented in a televised speech that “whatever the threat posed by Iraq, it did not justify the deaths of innocent men, women and children who would be killed in a conflict.”

In RUSSIA, President Vladimir Putin said “We have stood for resolving problems around Iraq exclusively through political means. Our position has not changed. I am convinced that any other solution would be a mistake. It would be a mistake which could lead not only to human loss and suffering, which we should not allow, but it would greatly destabilize the world situation on the whole."

CHINA’s Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said "We are not in favor of the use of force, we think the U.N. Resolution [1441] should be implemented while handling this case and also taking into account the views of people all over the world."

In IRAQ everyone is preparing for war.

We need to seriously consider what is going on in our world today. After all, this isn’t a game we are talking about here. This is WAR. PEOPLE will die. People will be Dead.

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