Saturday, March 22, 2003

There are 31 Canadian soldiers on exchange with the American military and on site in Iraq. I want them to come home safe. I appreciate the job they are doing for Canada, and whilst I don't agree with this conflict (or the reasons given for it) I pray they do their job well and return home to their families.

In Wil wheaton's blog yesterday he manages to balance that sense of not wanting to support this war, but wanting to recognize the sacrifice that the service men are making. How do you support the soldiers whilst protesting the war? How do you support a war when children are being killed? It's an interesting read.

In Canada, we haven't yet come to any real peace in that regards. Minister Herb Dhaliwal summed up the disappointment most people are feeling when he said President Bush had let "the world down by not being a statesman" by not letting diplomacy work at the United Nations. "I think it is really regrettable and unfortunate that he has made this decision when the whole world is crying out for peace." I do too. But now that it is the plain reality, I hope that it is over quickly.

Andrew C Thomas described the source of this frustration in his column (March 21st). "If I may be allowed to oversimplify, the geopolitical problem is simple: In matters of foreign policy, America is a 6-year-old boy (and an overly large one at that). He sees what it wants and grabs for it, with little concern for long-term consequences, because he’s bigger than the other kids on the playground." I agree ~ the problem is we all share the same playground, and once Saddam is gone, who is next? Let the second age of American Imperialism begin....

It's pretty late at night right now, and I am going back to bed to crawl up beside Duncan. But I will leave you with a spat of humour (we still have to be able to laugh dont we?). Check out the Dept of Homeland Panic, parody on Homeland Security of course!

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