Saturday, March 15, 2003

mmmMMmmmMmmm... Sushi... Sushi real good!

Last night, after helping Duncan out at the office, we had a delicious evening spent at a wonderful resturant called Shabuzan which serves all you can eat Japanese Sushi and Korean BBQ (which you actually cook at your own table that features an in laid BBQ). So it was a remarkable evening full of affectionately teasing my Duncan as he cooked the meat for us, and discusion of our upcoming travels, politics, world affairs and sex (the Sex Shop is right next door). The sushi was outstanding and Korean BBQ is, as always, divine. I mostly had every form of salmon available on the menu - I love salmon.... I sometimes think I could live on salmon alone! We spent two hours there, eating way too much, but getting our money's worth out of all you can eat - considering that we had not really eaten anything for the past 24 hours or so. It's nice to leave a resturant satisfied and the weather was so beautiful we happily walked hand in hand all the way to the C Train station.

We got home late, had a bath together and then snuggled up in bed to dream of our upcoming trips..... Red Deer, Banff, and Jasper! I love to travel! It's been a while since we have gone anywheres - our last trip was to Edmonton in November (it was cold!). Cathy has hinted that there may be a road trip in the near future ~ road trips are the ultimate path to self discovery and re - orientation when life gets a little screwy...

Wow, the sun is coming up already!!! Sometime today we are going to go see a movie with friends..... hopefull we will see Gangs of New York, as we have been meaning to get around to that movie! If so, it means I get to go shopping at Chinook Mall cause thats the only place it is playing! Thats a big deal because Chinook is the largest mall in Calgary, sporting a plethora of shopping frenziness - including both of our favourite stores (Video Games and Books)!

Anyways I am going to go crawl back into bed with Duncan.... I hope you all have a great weekend!

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