Sunday, August 10, 2003

"Whats that smell...? It's the smell of victory, son..."

Somedays, just when you think life's a little harder that day than others, you realize you don't actually have it bad. You realize at least you don't live in a country that america (Yes, I think I am going to start addressing the USA as america, small a intentional) likes to drop napalm on.

Atleast not yet, anyways.

Assuredly this napalm dropping is likely actually the newer, more effective version of hyperbaric weapons that america used in the caves of Afghanistan, but in the end, still nasty. What about that 1980 United Nations convention banning the use of Napalm, you say... well guess who didn't sign the treaty.

Well, apart from some disappointment, today was a productive day. After having breakfast with Deven at Weeds (coffee) Cafe, we went to the dump to rid ourselves of excess appliances and did some shopping (beef prices are great here right now, go figure) in which we also scooped moving boxes! We are just about to enjoy the great steaks Duncan just BBQ'd, with wine, on the porch. It's a lovely evening indeed.

Life is good, hold the napalm.

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