Sunday, August 17, 2003

Packing it all in...


Our house is slowly but surely being reduced to a box store room. There are boxes everywhere. This particular house will never ever again exist for us without our things stacked in boxes. And it won't be until we unpack these boxes that our new house will become our home. The size of each box does not convey that enormous importance carried by its contents... but it is there neverless. Today we have mostly spent drinking coffee, watching movies, playing virtua fighter, and packing boxes. We will likely go for more boxes later when ready for a break. Yay boxes...

Went through the kid's special boxes today - brought back a lot of memories for me, and alot of opportunity to share with Duncan what kind of people my kids were before he met them, or really got to know them. It was hard to pare down their stuff (there was a lot of stuff), but I am pretty sure we are now moving mostly what is really important to them. You know, the mementos that make up somebody's life - like baby books, cards, old school pictures, first teddy, passports and art work. Life times are long these days though, I aim to make one rubbermaid box enough until they are ready to walk out the door. Then I hope to give it to them as a gift (but some of the stuff will be hard to part with, like their baby hats and booties...).

In other news, this moving business is getting very exciting! I am a little nervous about my upcoming job interview, but nervousness is only excitement and anticiaption in disguise.

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