Friday, August 15, 2003

Long haired creepy people need not apply...

So, it ( was referred to in The Onion (making fun of it ofcourse) and then the same day on a blog here in Calgary, so, as Duncan put it, why don't we check it out? Interesting. It turns out to be an internet popularity contest with a twist... you gain network contacts through your own contacts and so far, after 2 or 3 days, my web of people has spiralled to include a mere 5000 people. So far, its been fun, albeit somewhat trendy. I don't think it is a completely serious service but (yes, again agreeing with Duncan, better then Classmates). Ah, how I love the internet community. Let me know if any of you are involved in this scheme!

Anyways, it helped occupy some of my time today as the girls I have been daycaring didn't show up. It's good, it was nice to have an off day, even if Raven was a little sad. Tonight we are entertaining Joel and getting drunk on the patio. Thank god it's friday! Anyways, Duncan just walked in the door home from work, and he has a new game that I bought him (Virtua Fighter 4 Evolutions) so I am going to go play with him! I love playing with Duncan!

Oh yeah, and welcome Deven to the Blogosphere!

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