Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Learn something new every day...

Somewhere in the back of my head I had this long held notion that dragonflies didn't live for very long. I think when I was a child, someone told me dragonflies lived only for a day. That would make every day mating season for a dragon fly (just like me). However, today I learn that Dragonflies are actually the longest living insect, sometimes living even years. And bonus, they are pretty too.

Lots happened today. As if the dog attack (see post below) didn't provide enough excitement for the day, in the afternoon we had Raven's Birthday Party. Her theme for the party was "Princess Party", which saw me doing the hair, make up and nails of each little girl in attendance. It was fun, once they had all sorted out which hair products and lipstick they desired (we had prepurchased all the stuff so they could have their own but you know, girls start to get a little catty at age 8). Raven has a picture on her blog.

Wesley spent the day at a Babysitting Course. My little boy is getting all grown up. He learned first aid and the best way to deal with all sorts of scenarios to get his certification. I am so proud of him. Tomorrow he goes to his home alone course. Time flies, I tell you, time flies.

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