Saturday, August 09, 2003

Somebody left their manners at home...

Reading Warren Kinsella's blog (come on, you all know who he is, and if you don't I ain't gonna tell you) and he has posted this great example of some of that hate email we bloggers get once in a while that is soposed to slap us smart or something (according, ofcourse, to the sender of such drivel) but really just usually proves our point. In this case, this wonderful 60 year old "gentleman" out does himself. I have selected the tastier parts of his email for you:

"... By the way, you little fag... My only crime is that I’m a 60-year-old Canadian with a national memory, a perspective you don’t have because you’re a product of the T&C ideology. God help you. I advise my kids (34; 19; 13) to escape to the United States before you guys close the border forever."

Interesting perspective. What is that "word" he uses... "fag?" Well, I don't think this word means what he thinks it means. According to, the following definitions for fag can be found:

1. A student at a British public school who is required to perform menial tasks for a student in a higher class.
2. A drudge.
3. Fatiguing or tedious work; drudgery.
4. To work to exhaustion; toil (verb).

In middle english, "fag" was a word meant to express "droop" but this usage has become obsolete. Oh yeah, I found another interesting definition at, although I am unsure how it might fit into the conversation, but I will add it anyways...


1. A bigot or hypocrite
2. A hypocrite; esp., a superstitious hypocrite.
3. A person who regards his own faith and views in matters of religion as unquestionably right, and any belief or opinion opposed to or differing from them as unreasonable or wicked.
4. A person who is intolerant of opinions which conflict with his own, as in politics or morals.
5. One obstinately and blindly devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion.

Oh, and in "unrelated news", Warren Kinsella is married with four children. Congratulations Warren!

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