Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Almost time for moving!

Today, while I packed my stuff in the bedroom into boxes, Duncan took the kids out on an adventure (to rent them some movies so they would stay out of our hair...). After a while, they came back bearing gifts; Raven brought me a chocolate bar, Wesley brought candy and Duncan gave me LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS (I also got Chicago as a gift the other night, right after I had been given Bowling for Columbine. I have been spoiled!).

Right now we are taking a LOTR intermission break - kids are outside making loud outside noises, Duncan is making ground beef into hamburgers which he will BBQ, and I'm, well... I'm blogging, obviously.

The packing is going well. Very well, actually. Yesterday I got the bathroom all cleaned up and ready and today we almost finished the Kitchen. Cathy hung out with us for a while yesterday, and Dan dropped off some boxes to aid in the packing efforts. I started a war against the Mongols, a tiny backwards civilization that has done little but build spearmen in the years since our game began. It's my "peace through superior firepower" strategy (inspired by the americans, ofcourse). It worked on the English and the Celts... now they are mere blots on the history of the world.

Good news is, our internet will be hooked up in Edmonton relatively soon after moving, so I will be back online soon. Just don't expect anything massively indepth or with any real substance until after I am unpacked and everything is settled. Then I can begin to really blog again.

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