Monday, August 04, 2003

I didn't ask to be a Princess... but hey, if the crown fits...

I am such a girl.

First, I love dancing, but its more than that - I love being in my man's strong arms. I love the way his skin is soft against my cheek, the way he smells, the gentle way he sings along, in my ear. I love the way my body fits into his, like it was meant to be. I love dancing.

Second, when we were out shopping yesterday Duncan found me this great nail polish colour... It's fabulous! Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms colour Amber Ruby. It has all sorts of exciting colours in it, fun stuff for summer days. Fit for a Princess!

As you can see, I am making good use of the new digital camera!

Well, it's been a super long weekend (I guess ours did start on Thursday with our trip to Edmonton), and it's not over yet! We are going in search of breakfast before meeting up with friends later.

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