Friday, August 22, 2003

Every new beggining comes from some other begginings end...

I have a quick chance to blog while on my lunch break, before a friend (Lincoln) comes by to say goodbye. However, that leaves me with the problem of what to blog about, and with all sorts of different things floating around in my head (and I surely mean to blog about them all), that is no small feat. The UN Bombing in Iraq; Bush (as always); The "war" in Iraq (and how americans continue to die over there daily but no longer recieve combat pay); Bowling for Columbine (which my glorious boyfriend surprised me with yesterday); the "prisoners/detainees" in Guantánamo Bay (as they approach their second anniversary in captivity still without trials); the capture of "Chemical Ali" (hey didn't they kill him a few months ago?); my annoyingly mild concussion; or even just my last day of work here at the University of Calgary. But I think what I really need to blog about is how my life is changing in these next couple of weeks, and how I have been feeling about those changes.

With my pending move, I have been in a state of nostalgia for this past little while; an odd observance of my world here as I prepare to engage an exciting, new world in Edmonton. In the due process of natural separation, I have already more then detached myself from many mundane aspects of Calgary (my school, my job, the place that I lived in, my hairdresser's, even some of my favourite hang outs) but there really are things that are harder to leave behind (mostly they are the things that aren't really being left behind, I am just adding distance between me and them). Saying goodbye to friends is obviously what is influencing my thought here, but I know that distance is not a true impediment to friendship and I welcome the warm thoughts and well wishes that our friends have graciously expressed, both from near and far.

I must admit, that it was with a tiny twinge of saddness that I came to realize that this summer, as it draws to a close now, will likely be the last summer that I ever stay home with my children. I have, for every summer since they have been born, stayed home with them (working minimally part time, if at all). In these treasured summers I have come to know my children as the individuals they are, gone many places with them and shared many of my own favoured childhood pass times. This year, Wesley turned 10, old enough to babysit and be home alone, and Raven 8. We have had a great summer this year, and I am so proud of how they have grown up.

Mixed in with all of these feelings is a pure, raw excitement. It's full of passion and expectation and a sense of danger with the unknown ahead. I am looking forward to making a home, with Duncan and our family, in Edmonton. Wish us luck!

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