Monday, August 25, 2003

There's no such thing as too much Civ III

I'm not sure which one of us decided that beer and packing go together, but I am happy to announce we have found a great beer... Big Rock's Honey Brown. Yummy. Between packing and among other things today (including our coffee ritual - likely our last in Calgary for a while) we played Civ III. I know, I know, we are sopposed to be packing, but it's soooo much fun, and we can play together (and take turns packing/playing) so it's perfect!

Damn Brits and Celts made me stay up until 2:20 am destroying and assimilating their meger cultures. It's bad enough being alive when nobody wants you...

That's it for me. I am following Duncan upstairs to our bed now. Sleepy time. Sweet Dreams Allie.

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