Saturday, August 09, 2003

A little more sober now

Raven woke up with a bad dream, and I can't go back to sleep (she's fine - out like a log) so I thought I would blog. The past couple of days have been busy - Thursday with friends and Friday with job and moving preparations. Yesterday I had to write the longest resume I have ever written. It felt odd because for so long I have tried to limit my resume to one page of pertinent details, yet when I was invited to apply to this job they asked for a very detailed long resume. All in all it was an interesting experience.

Both Thursday and Friday mornings Duncan has woken me up to play with him (Civ III that is!) and we have played from the moment I have picked him up from work (since Wednesday night) until we are too tired to go any longer, forsaking most other activities (except there is always time for couples stuff) including all of our new movies. I really like the expansion for Civ III. I really like that I can play with Duncan. It was certainly worth the 30.00 Duncan paid for it, in entertainment value at least.

Friday night we celebrated Grandpa's birthday with a huge dinner. Everyone was there, the food was nice, the wine was beautiful and Grandpa was in a great mood! Afterwards we went to Lauren's house and we played for a while with her lizards (bearded dragons) but had to get the kids home for bed so we left early. W really liked the wine, so we picked up a bottle on the way home and drank it while playing Civ III (hence the drunk post below). I will have to see when I play this morning how being drunk affeted my few hundred years that I played through!

Deven will be here tonight for another all nighter - felt weird not having him here last weekend (he went away/we went away) so it will be good to see him. We thought about giving him a key but now that we are moving I guess he will just have to get a key to our new place! Anyway, I am tired now, so I am going to go crawl back into bed! Yay bed! Yay Weekend!

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