Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Boing, Boing, BloG!

So yesterday... hmmm, where to start? See, I own this beautiful, almost new (read hardly ever used) blue and silver Giro bike helmet, that ran me about 100.00 (only the best for me!) a couple of summers ago. And if I had been wearing that helmet yesterday, (cue hysterical laughter) I totally would have wrecked it while executing my glorious three point landing (Shoulder, Knees, Head) while jumping various cement items in the local urban jungle (read mall parking lot). Wow. I left body parts behind with that one. Well, I ride my bike. And if you're not bleeding, you're just not really riding your bike!

And, today... a very full day indeed, one of those exhausting days where you welcome your bed at the end of the night. I travelled, care of Duncan's Dad (who drove me) to Edmonton for a big job interview. I was surprisingly more nervous then I have been in an interview in a while, but it went well. When I arrived home I changed very quickly as we were going out for dinner, and then off to Kim's house for a party. I am always surprised at Kim's party's by people attending (you just never know who is going to show up), subject matter (the potential for anything is there) and the varying level of attention that I get (Yes, it is all about me!). I was actually somewhat flattered by the fascination one of her friends showered my blog with, so I showed her a few different blogs as she wondered at the extent of the blogosphere. I guess, when you stand back from it a bit, it really is an amazing thing.

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