Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I have the power!

So just now, my friends husband comes to pick up his daughter (she spent the day with us) and he is all totally nice to me and even offers to help us PACK our moving truck, AND drive up to Edmonton to help us UNPACK said moving truck... a very generous offer indeed. So, a little perplexed, I told Duncan how generous he had been while at the door, and Duncan smiled and said "I'm not surprised". To answer my quizzical look, he added "Allie, look down". So I did. I was wet and cold (story to follow) and my breasts were protruding nicely against my tank top. I sighed, Duncan laughed, and said "I'm surprised he didn't offer to MOVE to Edmonton".

Boys. Sigh, again.

So we spent a lovely day with friends at Callaway Park - Duncan, Wes, Raven, Dakota, Myself and Cindy, Jamie and Mackenzie. I love going on rides, and it is a relatively new activity for Duncan and I to do together (just waiting now for West Ed Mall). Sadly, while we were in the line up for the Roller Coaster (we had finally convinced Wes to try the Coaster) a huge storm came up and they closed the ride (believe it or not) right when we were next. They also closed the boat ride, so we spent some time with the smaller rides before the cold rain drove us from the park. Now we are home to dry off, get changed and go out again. The clouds have passed, so after dinner (I believe we are going out for steak) we will drive back to Calaway Park to partake in the Roller Coaster before the night is out.

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