Sunday, April 27, 2003

Too Much Info?????

Despite an amazing snow storm we enjoyed a fabulously productive weekend! We moved Grandma and Grandpa, went to a garage sale, watched two movies (Casino and Phantom Menace), played video games, cleaned the whole house, separated the kids rooms(they are thrilled), got drunk, went for coffee this morning and went shopping. It’s been delightful!

At the garage sale this weekend we picked up a pickle dish (it’s a long standing joke between us and Duncan’s boss’s wife), along with a book I have been wanting. The pickle dish obviously signals a new level to our relationship…. Isn’t that cute?

We have a sweet little porch off of our bedroom, which I furnished on Friday (just in time for snow) with patio furniture and a little plant. It will be nice to greet the morning with coffee or watch the stars come out at night drinking wine. I really like that this place has two balcony's and a fire place. It’s gorgeous!

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