Sunday, April 20, 2003

HoPPy EaSteR Everybunny!

The kids discovered admist much joviality (at 6:00am) that the Easter Bunny had hidden several chocolate items, and a few gifts, for their pleasure and consumption, in the living room. The easter bunny was also good to me...I got a box of Purdy's Hedgehogs (YUMMY) and a book edited by Carol Shields titled dropped threads 2; inspiring, funny and compelling! The easter bunny also gifted us all with Harry Potter, Lost and Delirious, Armageddon, and Go. I really like the movie Lost and Delirious, so watch for some sort of commentary soon.

I love long weekends - it feels like I should have gone to work this morning, but instead we enjoyed breakfast out with the kids (at our sunday coffee spot) and the staff oggled over them. The kids usually visit their dad's house on the weekends, so it was really nice to share today with them. After visiting Roger's Video (a normal part of our usual sunday routine, but also the only retail store open for miles) we have come home to settle down for a couple of hours before Grandma gets here. Duncan and Wesley are battling some sort of alien invading force with the rented copy of Contra: Shatterred Soldier that they selected, and along with several rented videos we have increased our DVD collection to 108 with the addition of The Ring (thank you Duncan!).

Duncan bought Wesley a book for easter, and although I somewhat expected him to be pleased I have been surprised about how engrossed he has been with it - he is literally devouring the book. It is Halo: The Fall of Reach. Wesley plans to finish it (all 340 pages) and use it as the subject of his book report in school. I think it may be the longest book he read since The Red Badge of Courage, and I am happy to see him enjoying books, as well as findning time for them admist all the other things that a busy 9 year old boy does.

Well soon Grandma will be here, and then we will be heading out for dinner at Aunt Louise's (gorgeous new) house with the family. It is a gorgeous, beautiful and warm day - one of those days where everything seems just fine with the world. I am going to have a bath, and then sit out on the porch, in the sun (starting on my tan), and reading my new book (I will let you know how it is later).

I hope that peace is with you all this day.

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