Tuesday, April 01, 2003


You know how sometimes there is an undisclosed mild under current of unjustified annoyance in your existance? Well, it's close to that time of the month for me... so thats where I am at (need I say more?). I am not feeling entirely creative blog-wise, and although I am not completely disinterested in blogging I am not sure I have anything monumentous to contribute. But I have been reading many blogs today, entertained by blogs on my blog roll and blogs on their blog rolls, and so on and so on. I will share a bit of what I have found.

I found this great page (somewhere? Maybe Wil Wheatons blog?) of a conversation between a Peace Nik and a War Monger. It's a good read, and more entertaining then I feel right now!

I stumbled on a blog full of political satire comics relating to Operation Enduring Freedom and the War on Terror and other related American pop culture issues. Check it out if you don't mind a few (ok maybe lots) swear words.

Read Peter Arnett's account of events leading up to his being fired. He will begin reporting for a UK media outlet now. He says "I don't want to give aid and comfort to the enemy - I just want to be able to tell the truth. I came to Baghdad with my crew because the Iraqi side needs to be heard too. It is clear the original timetable that America would be in Baghdad by the end of March has fallen by the wayside".

My friend Kevin recorded a song (called American Legion) and you can listen to it on Guerrilla News Network. His song is Track Four... Set to music by Legion, the track features the voices of George W. Bush, NPR’s Kate Seelye, Assan Boulegia (Saudi businessman), Michael Moore, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. In Kevin's words... "As the ghosts of empires past haunt our nations we must decide what will be our legacy. This question confronts me more and more as I open the newspaper each day. This track I believe captures the angst and apprehension as we all wonder what the final results of conflict will bring and at what price".

I had many comments on my March 31st post regarding the Global Politics Quiz Questions, and a friend wisely compared them to the facts outlined in Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine". Ofcourse, if you haven't seen that movie... go see it!

Wow... isn't funny how I can say so much when I actually have nothing to say? Oh, I was checking out our web/blog page stats: for the past week or so they have proven pretty exciting, with 2400 or so visits from Canada, the USA, UK, Islamic Republic of Iran, Korea, India, Mexico, Poland, Israel and Singapore. I wonder how to get more peeps to sign my guestmap? That was a hint, by the way!

Cheers everyone!

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