Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Things that make you go HmmMMMMmmmm....

I got a kick out of the above link..... so, check it out. It's sort of reminiscent of "Back to the Future" or "12 Monkeys" type of stuff..... but ask yourself... if you could travel back into time with info that would make you rich - would you? And... if what this guy claims to be true is true.... wouldn't that be kind of exciting? Ok, back to the real world.

My friend posted this site on her blog a couple of days ago - it's a site that shows you pictures of the war you won't see on CNN or the BBC. Some of the pictures are more then disturbing (disturbing enough I won't post them here). I had mixed emotions, mostly sad and angry, when I looked at them.... IF you think you can handle this reality of the war (or if you are one of these avid war supporters) check it out here.

So the real fighting in Baghdad appears to have started.... for a while I was (only) mildly amused by the claims of American media that American troops were in Baghdad, while the British Journalists who were actually in Baghdad (and have been all along) were saying "no you're not!". Anyways, in true American form (acting on a "hot" intelligence tip) American forces dropped four 2,000-pound "bunker-busting" bombs on a restaurant in Baghdad - demolishing it completely. The Globe and Mail reported:

"Witnesses in Baghdad said the bombs left a crater almost 20 metres deep, tore nearby orange trees from the ground and left in their wake a mound of concrete, wrecked iron and shredded personal effects. Iraqi rescue workers using a bulldozer to search the rubble said that three bodies had been recovered — those of a small boy, a headless young woman and an elderly man — and that the death toll could be as high as 14".

BODIES of a SMALL BOY, a headless YOUNG WOMAN and an ELDERLY MAN. There better be SOME bodies, atleast SOME, of people belonging to the Baath Party leadership! Geezuz! When do we cry foul and take these big expensive (and explosive) toys away from these children!?!?! Who is making these decisions anyways?


In other news, there is a SARS clinic upstairs here, in my building. On Campus. Same place I work. Wonderful. I am not sure I am particularily fond of the thought, but oh well.... atleast I can eat in a resturant and not be vaporized...

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