Saturday, April 05, 2003

Glory Glory Hallelujah

Didn't do much of anything (or as Duncan said we had the "most unproductive day in the history of humanity") today! We dragged the mattress downstairs, climbed into our new PJ's, shut out the world and snuggled in for the hedonist type orgy of fun that was to transpire.... What a better way to spend a quiet weekend waiting for the snow and cold to pass (wasn't it spring, btw?)?

Amongst other things we enjoyed movies (What Lies Beneath, Apollo 13, 2001, Shakesphere in Love), games (Zelda) and TV dinners (there was "chicken nuggets as well, but I loathe to say that I either enjoyed them or believed them to be Chicken). All other events are private! (wink wink, nod nod).

I have had much fun being Duncan's "Tingle" while we play Zelda together. It's a blast! Much fun, I highly recommend it!

It's your life... play hard!

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