Thursday, April 10, 2003

Some Housekeeping type stuff

There is a new poll up (go ahead and vote). Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll, it was really fun!

For those interested, here are the Results of the previous Poll (World Security):

The Question presented was "Do you believe the world will be a safer place if the US led coalition force wins the war with Iraq?"

The poll was viewed 108 times. Out of 22 respondants 14 (64%) said NO, and 8 (36%) said YES.

Also, I added a feature yesterday that knows where you are from - as long as it can determine the location of your IP address, it should welcome you as being from your city and display your countries flag. So far, the feedback I have is that it works great. Anyways, it can be found under the GUEST MAP (yes, another shameless hint....). And the site also now has an "email this page to a friend" option, under the google search bar.

Well, thats enough housekeeping for one day! I am going back to bed!

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