Wednesday, April 23, 2003


Ok.... The higher the score the more pure you are...... I am working on it! The greatest thing about purity tests is getting ideas for new adventures with my partner! Oppsss.. did I say that out loud????

I scored
on the classic 400 Point Purity Test!
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On April 20th Sarah Poloza wrote this letter in her blog. I want to share it with you for a few reasons: First, it is well written and Sarah has managed to eloguently express what many of us have had a difficult time putting into words. Second, it rings true to my own feelings about Mr Hussein….. and last, I adore when people put their feelings into writing and speak out for what they believe in. I visit Sarah’s site often for a point of view that is not always my own, but very well presented and more then deserving of my time.

Mr. Saddam Hussein,
In my short life, I have had the opportunity to travel to about a dozen countries other than my own. In each place, though separated by culture, and society, I have found a general need for the citizens as a whole to unite, despite their differences. It is this desire to unite that will bring the world its peace.
You sir, have attemped just the opposite.
Like Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin before your time, you have attempted to justify the murders of thousands of people for your own self promotion. You have had your secret police terrorize your own people, so that you can achieve complete control. You have done anything and everything to accomplish this goal. Yet there is something that you missed.
The Iraqi people, though they fear you, do not respect you. These are the men and women who were your greatest enimies. These are the ones who despised you the most. All they needed was the means to dispose of you, which we have provided.
Mr. Hussein, you are a worthless piece of human. We have learned one thing from you; what not to become when in power.
I pray, above all things, that you are somewhere buried under the ruins of your own regime. I hope that before you have left this world, you see the hatred in your fellow Iraqi's eyes. I hope that you realize how you have treated these fine human beings and that this realization will leave you silent, hopeless, and alone.
Sarah Plazola

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