Tuesday, April 15, 2003

EYES WIDE OPEN - My World I see in my Love's eyes

The eyes of my Love contain a world in themselves... they are delightful, like a rare butterfly, joy's light reflected - brighter then the sun with his love of life, of me.

His look empties me and fills me at the same time; I could happily be lost in his gaze forever, caught in the tide of passion and desire. Looking into the depths of his eyes is to be engulphed within the depths of love itself - When I look into his eyes, I see myself!

The eyes of my Love are the color of "dreamy" and "delicious", for all the colors in the world, the rainbow even, dull in comparison to the colors I witness in his eyes... within my true love's eyes I see the poetry of our world together, my reason for life, my dreams come true... I see a beautiful sunrise that beckons me to a magnificient dance with him, forever.

I will commit a lifetime to ensure dark skies never float in my Love's eyes; to ensure that only desire burns in them, to ensure romance dances across them and happiness sparkles endlessly.... for the world I see in my Love's eyes is an endlessly beautiful world!

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