Saturday, April 19, 2003

Todays occupation is brought to you by the letter "O".....

First, I want to quickly apologize to those who have noticed my absence - real life has interfered recently with my ability to blog and I apologize. I have been very busy, and it is the Easter long weekend so there are many tasks to accomplish..... besides working/meetings we have also been shopping (we're not religious but its still fun to buy easter gifts), playing video games, spring cleaning and redecorating bedroom furniture! Most of all, it has been nice to enjoy a long weekend with each other....

In quick perusal of the news I see mostly stuff that doesn't surprise me... the US seems content to occupy Iraq, maybe until they can find some sort of elusive/banned weapons, but atleast until the fall of this year. The locals are getting restless.

A little closer to home - the anniversary of Columbine's High School shootings are tomorrow (April 20 1999). 15 people died (including the 2 gunmen) in one of the worst school shootings in history. It's perhaps a moment to stop and think what we are teaching our youth about how problems are settled or dealt with. My earnest desire is for the culture of America to heal itself...... because violence can only beget violence.

For everyone celebrating passover and easter, happy hoildays! For everyone else, enjoy the long weekend, it's one of the few benefits of living in a christian oriented country!

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