Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right!

Caught that little gem in a cafe/bookstore I was grabbing a hot chocolate in (ok ok, truth be told I was taking a break before riding up the hill into NW Calgary.... not usually something I do, but after riding for 8.5 -9 hours today already, I needed to muster up some energy. Regardless, it was a good excuse to go into a book store I haven't been in before. Ofcourse, once being in a bookstore one must buy a book. I found one for the kids, called The Song Within my Heart.

So, today was hard... not bad, just hard... mostly because I was already sore and didn't relish the idea of riding home after riding all day. I can't wait for the day when my muscles get back into shape and barely notice me using them! Well anyways, I am gonna look into a bike locker downtown if I am going to stay a while with this job. It would be nice just to come home when I am done and enjoy my evenings! There certainly are aspects of the job I really like (like being able to ride and still make money, the downtown climate/culture, limited responsibilty, improved biking skills, coffee shops EVERYWHERE, time alone for thinking, seeing how tough I am, PLUS I lost 5 pounds already) so I haven't actually decided yet what I want to do about it. Everyone says it takes about a month to decide if you like it or not (and by then I won't hurt anymore). Anyways, I will blog more about it on the weekend (Yay mother's day... any day that people pay attention to me isn't that bad!) but for now I am just too tired and want to spend some time with Duncan.

Today my family was given a pass to Heritage Park. I am sure we will be able to spend a few days there, enjoying ourselves - once the (insert fancy expletive of your choice here) weather clears up!

And back by popular demand - ADCRITIC! Increase your viewing pleasure!

Oh, and by the way Joel, good luck! Let me know what they said!

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