Thursday, May 01, 2003

Bike on Dude

On Monday I begin my foray into the downtown world of bike couriers.... I have a uniform, some nifty communications devices, and little plates for my bike. It seems to be an interesting culture (I will let you know more as I immerse myself into it) but one thing is guareenteed, I am going to pedal my ass off! Tis a good thing too... After sitting at a desk job for over a year I am more then ready for a change of pace.... and what could be better then being paid to ride my bike (while at the same time being in the sun, getting fit AND losing weight?). It's also my own venture, as I am contracting my services to West Direct, and the most fun I have ever had in my employment experience has been as a contractor.

Although I am somewhat sad at leaving my old job I got two weeks pay as severence out of it, and they still want me to come back once in a while to cover casual shifts if I want. We will have to see. As it is now I have a couple of precious days off before starting in on being a responsible and productive adult again, and I don't neccessarily want to be thinking about working.

In other news - I am planning to have my hair done AND get my tongue pierced..... (so excited). Raven has declared she would like her hair silver and cut the way Orta's hair is in Panzer dragoon Orta. I have promised to help as much as possible, but our hair dresser is skeptical at the ease by which silver may or may not be achieved.....

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