Sunday, May 18, 2003

Damn Electronic Crack...

OK, OK... so this morning (after a late night and even much ado in the sack) I woke up at 7:00am. 7:00am! On a Sunday. Tired, groggy, but obviously unable to sleep, my mind racing... thinking... something... wake up more so I can remember... oh yeah! The store opens at 7:00am and today is the only day I can buy turnips for trading on the stock market. Must get up..... must hurry!

Sigh... yes, so I played for two hours, mostly because Duncan was still asleep so there was no competition. I am hungry, ready to start my day - I need some real world time now, so, when I can convince Duncan to stop playing as well, we will go to coffee, as usual, and read the paper. You know.. that thing with all sorts of news and stories about life going on all around you when you are too... err, busy to notice.

Well, briefly I should note that Raven's recitals (she danced in two) went well. We were all very proud of her! She was very beautiful, and I will eventually go to pick up the pictures today, have them scanned and posted on the net soon for your viewing approval.

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