Wednesday, May 21, 2003

If we weren't meant to eat Animals why are they made out of meat?

Two cows are standing in a meadow talking to each other, and obviously distressed the one cow says to her friend, “are you worried about Mad Cow Disease?”. The other cow, looking thoughtful for a moment, replied, “no, I am a helicopter….”

Are we going Mad over Mad Cow Disease?

Since the big UK Mad Cow scares and then the Elk in Northern Alberta in 1997-2002, what maybe should have seemed inevitable has occurred. Actually, from what I understand this is not the first time Mad Cow Disease has been in Alberta (ca. 1993)
And likely we shouldn’t be surprised. As much as efforts may appear stringent to guard against BSE, the truth remains that infected cattle feed was imported to our country at a high rate before anyone was aware of the potential for contamination, and really less then 1000 cattle have been destroyed since it was discovered that BSE could cross species to humans to become a new variant of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD).
We all know that there are cracks, and that yes, a whole cow can slip through them.

For now, and of as yesterday, one case of confirmed BSE is being dealt with by our authorities. If BSE has been within our Canadian food chain since 1993, and cows were processed before their symptoms were allowed to appear, then we will begin to see cases of vCJD in Canadians within the next couple of years, as it takes the disease approx 10 years to manifest within an infected person (but in kills in only two). In the middle of last year a Saskatchewan man died from vCJD but it was originally assumed he contracted it on a trip to Europe.

If this has been in our food chain for 10 years already then there really isn’t much we can do to lessen our risk so far because any harm has already been done. For now, people are avoiding beef, but those fruits and vegetables look better everyday….

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