Thursday, May 15, 2003

"It's like wiping my ass with silk....."

Duncan and I watched the first showing of the MATRIX RELOADED (late Wednesday evening). Awesome. It has great car chase and fight scenes... and a few surprises. Reviews have been mixed, but I liked it. We are eagerly anticipating the next one (as it is so obviously the second part...) and I have been lamenting most of the day today about how far away it actually is.

Well I didn't feel well enough to go to work today, not sure exactly whats wrong, but hopefully just one of those 24 hour things. I am a big suck when I am sick, like to be pampered and all that good stuff. Anyways, as much as I want to blog more I must getting on with preparing for my evening out tonight. So all of you who can get tickets - I suggest an evening of fun with a friend viewing the Matrix Reloaded. Check out the animatrix before you go see the movie!

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