Sunday, May 11, 2003

I didn't ask to be a princess, but if the crown fits.......

Happy Mother's Day to ME!!! Happy Mother's Day to ME!!!

Yes it is Mother's Day isn't it? You can tell by the way my hair is adorned with a delicate array of colorful and ornate handmade hair clips while my children smile proudly about their well recieved handywork. You can tell by the card my son made me, with a burning "fire sunflower" on its cover and sweet words on the inside:


Loves Raven
Loves Wesley

Dear mom
You are as sweet as sugar, as delicate as a rose. You have the cuteist tinted brown eyes.
Love Wes

Enter the toothfairy.... Raven just lost her first tooth! One more thing to celebrate today - in addition to Lauren's 21st Birthday, which we are all hurridley preparing for... and we will spend the afternoon and evening at a family BBQ (mMMmMmM BBQ) in honor of Lauren and Mother's day.

So in other news, our lives have become intermingled with our pretend world that we have created in Animal Crossing. It is an amazingly (surprisingly even) addictive game that all four of us play together, but at different times, so you can imagine that Game Cube time has now hit a new premium... But it is a family activity so we are all having fun with it.

Oh yes, and more of a "couples" activity, the link of the day is THE CHURCH OF TANTRA. Only view this link if you are prepared for it to be about SEX, because it is. Oh ya, and enjoy!

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