Saturday, May 17, 2003

So here I sit this morning, with a hankering to blog... but really it is my first morning off in a while, and every other part of me wants a break. Nevertheless, it has been a busy busy week - and it actually is a break for me, if you can call a weekend a break based soley on its own merit and not on the activities planned for such weekend.

Thursday evening we were at our PC Calgary Varsity AGM, with our Minister, Murray Smith. It was actually a joint AGM hosted by us and three other constituencies were invited as well. Premier Ralph Klein came and he spoke to us for a while. I am reminded at times like this how much I like Premier Klein - I grew up in BC Politics, many a few Premier's in my time I have met and endured... I understand and know what it is like to live in a place of mismanagement and bad governance, and because of that I appreciate all the more what Premier Klein and his government has been able to do here in Alberta for the people of Alberta. No one agrees 100% of the time with government policy and no one is ever 100% happy with the actions of government 100% of the time, but the PC Party in Alberta's got it going on. It's good here in Alberta, so many different ways and they are all going up. Regardless, it was a good AGM, I became an elected member of the Calgary Varsity Consituency (there is one volunteer position for the next year, but volunteering should be another blog altogether), and it was an evening of fun and networking.

Last night was my friend Debbie's birthday party so a bunch of us met at Earls for dinner (which was incredibly good!) and then eventually most of us headed out to Coyotes, a club downtown (formely known as Desparados). I was impatient for the dancing to begin, which it finally did... it was an interesting club (the night we were there the dance music seemed to be all remixed 80's and 90's music, which thrilled Debbie to no end). My throat still hurts a bit from all that smoke on the dance floor (what is that stuff anyways?) but it was good to get to dance again. I say more please.

Today is Raven's Dance Recital. It is what she lives for, dances for all year. This year she is dancing the Barbie Nutcracker and she is Barbie. The costume is not quite traditional ballet (which I must admit I prefer), it is a long pink dress with frilly stuff. I will post pictures when I get them developed. Her Dad is bringing her home soon so I can begin to get her ready (she needs her hair completely up in a bun and make up applied) and I need to duck out to Walmart to grab a couple of things (pink nylons for the recital -yes for her- and a disposable camera). She has two shows today but Duncan and I have tickets for the afternoon show (beginning at 1:00pm!). Duncan hasn't arisen yet from his slumber after a hard night out, but soon, I hope, shall he stir. Maybe we will grab a quick breakfast out if he wakes up in time.

Thank goodness this is a long weekend. Thats all I have to say about that.

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