Friday, May 09, 2003

"Whatever the answer, it's an indisputable fact that sharing the world has never been one of humanity's defining attributes."

Wow. We just saw X2. X-citing. X-tradordinary. X-ceptional. X-treme. Duncan, Deven and I X-tremely enjoyed X2. Go see it. And I mean now.

In other news, the Federal Progressive Conservative Party Deputy Leader, Elsie Wayne, made some hideously bigotted and hateful comments yesterday, in the House of Commons.

"When it comes to people who wish to live together, whether they are women or men, why do they have to be out here in the public always debating that they want to call it marriage? Why are they in parades? Why are they dressed up as women on floats... Why do they have to go around trying to get a whole lot of publicity? If they are going to live together, they can go live together and shut up about it. There is not any need for this nonsense whatsoever and we should not have to tolerate it in Canada."

Not have to tolerate it in Canada? Excuse me? I don't think that these comments have anything to do with toleration - In fact, perhaps the exact opposite is obvious here.... The best thing about living in a country like Canada is the freedom of democratic thought and being able to petition for change when change is needed.

The Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (whom I am a big fan of) rebuked Wayne, which caused her to "show remorse", but remorse is not good enough for the damage that has been done, not only to herself, but to all Canadians. Go ahead and let Ms Wayne know how you feel about her disdain of people excersing their democratic rights.

One can only hope that antiquated ideas such as the ones expressed by Wayne die out as her generation does.

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