Sunday, December 21, 2003

Why I love Christmas Holidays

Imagination Play!

Raven has been reading the Black Stallion Series with a fervour on her days off. I loved the same series when I was a girl, so I was happy to introduce her to them.


Wesley has more time for his creations with Lego. I love the way he can spend hours building, playing and being quiet. That's almost the best part!

Zoe the cat. Hear her roar.

Wesley has just "prepared" his stocking for Christmas Eve, brushing it and primping it, only to have Zoe decide it be the softest place for her next nap.


More time for Duncan and I to play Civ III PTW together. Games can get pretty long but we are always eager to see how the world will turn out. I have so much fun playing Civ III with Duncan, it's like a board game but better!

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