Monday, December 22, 2003

My Holiday Favourites

Favorite Holiday Decoration:

My Stocking! I have had my stocking since I was a baby, when it was lovingly made by a family friend, just for me. It has always been very special to me, and perhaps began my prediliction with Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer. I always smile when I see it full of little surprises waiting for me on Christmas morning.

Favorite Holiday Song:

Old Toy Trains – sung by Nana Mouskori. The song itself speaks to me of that magic on Christmas Eve when a parent and a Child search the heavens for a sign, any sign, that Santa was drawing near. It's one of my favourite times of the season when my children stand with me and stare into the night, looking, searching, believing. I still believe in Santa Claus! When I was young (very very young) we had this on 8 track, but my parents old 8 track was completely broken so I could no longer listen. One Christmas, for some reason, I turned that old machine on, plunked in the Nana Mouskori 8 Track and to my surprise, it played that song. Nothing else, just that song. For an eight track that was some stroke of luck - and to this day that has been one of my Christmas Miracles.

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

In our home, each Christmas Eve Santa leaves gifts on the end of everyone’s bed. They are meant to be opened as soon as you wake up, and usually occupy everyone until we are all ready to gather around the tree and open the rest. Almost every year of my life I have awoken Christmas morning to a gift on the end of my bed. One year when I was a little kid I woke up and couldn't find a present anywhere. I was perplexed, knowing for sure I had been a pretty good girl, I thought maybe Santa had just forgotten, until I found out my brother had his gift at the end of his bed. I looked everywhere. I even cried. My parents followed me around in expectation, until finally my search brought me to the basement where a tiny little kitten was waiting for me.

Tomorrow I will write about my Favourite Christmas Memory! I hope all is well with all of you!

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