Monday, December 01, 2003

Above all else, I believe in Love...

It's December 1st today. In just one short month, 2003 will end with the humble beginning's of 2004. Our December is packed full of partying, celebrations, food, gifts, anticipation, time spent together and happy memories. It really does have to be that way, in our darkest month at the coldest time of the year, we need love, hope and family/friends around us.

December is more than just the last month of 2003 for me. December this year is the month of our third year anniversary together. It's hard to believe that three short years ago we became a couple, and then on the other hand it seems like it has always been this way.

The year 2000 was the year my first marriage ended. It had, as all dying relationships have, been breaking down bit by bit for quite some time, but nearing the end of that year, I realized that I had fallen in love with another man, another married man even. A man I thought I couldn't even dream of having, a man I thought I would have to be content having as my best friend, a man I loved like I had never loved anyone else, albeit unrequited... or so I thought.

It was December 9th of that turmoilish and dynamic year, when I found out that he felt the same way about me. At that moment, I was reborn, my life completely changed, a new journey embarked upon, a new person to share the adventure with. The world was more beautiful then I had ever dared to imagine it could be. As they said in the movie When Harry Met Sally, "when you find that person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want that life to start right away."

Although it would be somewhat revisionist history to let it seem like it was all that easy (because it was actually pretty difficult at times), it was a time of my life bourne of hope, trust, faith (in love, myself, Duncan and in the truth of "us") and in patience I awaited this new beginning to occur, always knowing it would, because that was the only thing that made sense to me.

That is what December means to me. It's not dark or cold at all, and if it is an ending of any sorts, then it is most definatly the beginning of a new year in the life that I am to share with Duncan, a new opportunity to show him how much he is loved and appreciated. And even more, this next year in particular will be the year that we get married, after three and a half years together, and begin the lifetime we plan to share with each other, our family, and our friends.

As Great Big Sea sang:

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

I hope that everyone's December, holiday season and New Years is full of peace, promise, hope, and above all... Love!

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