Monday, December 15, 2003

Saddam returns to the arms of america

"Ladies and gentlemen, we got him." What a crass, yet typically american, way to announce the capture of Saddam Hussein.

I have to say it. It’s about bloody time. I will also add that I am fairly un-impressed, to be honest. What are they so proud of? The biggest armed forces in the world, the biggest security and intelligence agencies in the world, the most intense man hunt in history, the most money (ever) being thrown at this effort (and a 25 million USD reward), and the most (reputation, re-election, justification, etc) riding on it… and it takes them almost 10 months to find a 66 year old man who was only a few kilometers from his hometown? A man who was obviously waiting to be found? Where the heck were they looking in the first place? What took them so long?

What’s to be proud of in all these celebrations? Is it a “triumph?” Not likely. The manner with which the americans are carrying on about this capture is embarrassing.

“Got him?” He was pretty much right where you left him.

I am happy with the long overdue capture though, although it would be correct to say I am skeptical that justice will be served. It is a good thing that Mr. Hussein may now be made to answer the charges for crimes he has committed against humanity, if this is actually the case. Parts of me really don’t care if he is treated fairly, but then other parts just want it to be done right. Saddam should be tried in an international tribunal rather than an Iraqi Governing Council tribunal.

However, it is improbable that Saddam will stand trial in an internationally recognized court as undoubtedly the evidence presented in his defence would be embarrassing for the americans. I predict they leave him with Iraq and hope they kill him as soon as possible.

Bush said he had a message for the Iraqi people. He said they “will not have to fear the rule of Saddam Hussein ever again.” Nope. Now all they have to fear is Bush.

Final thoughts… finding Saddam does not lessen the need for regime change in the US.

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