Wednesday, December 03, 2003

"A study of plastic and Hallmark in conifer form."

As Jon pointed out in his comments, our tree is a "theme tree." Well, sort of. It is correct to say that it has a theme, as last year we bought all blue and silver decorations for it to match my angel. Shopping for decorations together was fun, and the tree itself came home with Duncan and Wesley one day last December as a welcome addition to the experience that was Allie and Duncan's first Christmas together.

But the tree is also an amalgamation of our respective Christmas's Past; my ornaments from when I was a child (even a 30 year old Snow White ball from when they were still made out of silk), my kids collections, ornaments they have made, Duncan's collection (there is a funny story there that maybe I will write about in another post) and stuff his Grandma gave us last Boxing Day from her tree. The tree is a history of ourselves that induces many memories. And there is lots. Eventually we will have to get a bigger tree!

All of these together means that there is a good representation of figures, from Rudolph and Santa, to Jedi Knights, Barbie, and Elvis. Heck, we even have Gordie Howe hanging on the tree (Jon, don't ask, just google). And ofcourse, the ornament that Duncan bought me last year to celebrate our first Christmas of actually living together.

Now I can't wait to fill that space under the tree!

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