Tuesday, December 16, 2003

International law? Well, let me call my Lawyer... oh wait.

"We demand a fair and legal trial, not one held by the governing council, which was appointed by the occupier," said Raghad Saddam Hussein, on arabic TV along with her sisters Rana and Hala. "The truth is that I am proud this person is my father... We all know the intention of the way he was displayed. Where is the democracy? Where is the immunity that state leaders are granted?" she also said.

The americans currently hold Saddam in a secret location, while he is being "interrogated," although I am not sure international conventions allow for this type of behaviour. His family says he should have a lawyer, and they are right. I for one would like to see a public trial, by an international tribune, so the whole story can come out.

Is anyone really that worried that this guy might be found not be guilty? We all know he is guilty, lets give him a fair trial and let justice be done.

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