Friday, October 24, 2003

The Perfect Storm?

One dynamic area of the sun has recently produced an Earth Directed CME (coronal mass ejection), and another area is currently erupting. This G-3 (moderate-strong) geo-magnetic storm should reach Earth by Friday, October 24.



"It's somewhat unusual to have this much activity when we're approximately three-and-a-half years past solar maximum," said Larry Combs (a forecaster with the NOAA Space Environment Center's Space Weather Operations), adding "In fact, just last week, solar activity was very low with an almost spotless sun."

So what's happening now then, Larry? (cue Twilight Zone music)

"[Well Allie], like anything in nature, sometimes [solar activities] don't act like we expect them to".

I see. What then, if anything, does that mean for my weekend... my first real weekend off since I started working?

Normal space storm disruptive stuff, like mass power outages, communication blackouts, satellite damages, airline navigation system failures, the dreaded interruption of the internet... but most excitingly...


NASA's Space Weather Web site is predicting that Aurora's from this storm might be visible as far south as Oregon and Illinois in North America. It's like a big surprise party thrown by the sun! I am enthralled. I am hoping for clear skies for this weekend. I love the Northern Lights!

AND... atleast it's not an earth directed asteroid... breaks into a rendition of "Always look on the bright side of life..."

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