Monday, October 27, 2003

My Blog ate my homework...

Sooooooooooooo tired.

It is sometimes funny the extent to which one's brain attempts to portray itself in the dreamworld even though I am awake. Atleast, I think I am awake... It is like my minds own personal protest at being made to work 12 hours straight through the night with little or no sleep the night before.

Work was so boring last night the Edmonton Police phoned me just to chat. They apparently hadn't had a call come in either, for four whole hours. It's harder when it isn't busy, but I play Pokemon (Ruby) when its slow, so it is mostly all good. Sad news at work though, Howard is very sick. I don't know how much I am allowed to say here yet, so I will just plead inate ramblings of a sleep deprived woman and hope as I go to sleep that everything is better tonight.

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