Friday, October 10, 2003

Color me Proud

Today, I am a proud momma. My kids had wonderful days at school and both came home excited with their good news! Congrats Wes and Raven!

RAVEN won a Bookmark contest, where she had to design and color a bookmark. She has always been quite a little artist so I am not surprised - for her efforts she won a book on behalf of her class (I will let you visit her blog for details) and had her name announced to the entire school.

WESLEY passed his School Crossing Guard Exam today (some kids didn't so it's a big deal for him) and is now a fully fledged Patrolman. He also reieved a SUPER SCOOP today, and the Principal phoned me to tell me wat a great kid he was and how happy they are that he is part of the school! Isn't that a nice call from the school?

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