Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Hugs and Kisses and Naughty Spanks

IT'S A GREAT FEELING - When everything turns out just the way you want it, and then even better then anticipated! I love the satisfaction of absolute success.

The event of Duncan's birthday today was just that, amazingly perfect. He's happy with his gifts (he's off playing as I type) and I did manage to throw in a few surprises as well (meaning he didn't guess it all in advance). He also has an IOU for a special gift not quite available yet... but soon.

Dinner at Hooter's was a big hit, and I made sure the girls knew it was his birthday so he got some extra loving. We came home tonight with a great picture of him with four of the servers and he is beaming from ear to ear, lucky guy, they were pretty hot! On his picture they wrote "Hugs and Kisses and Naughty Spanks." Indeed! Every good birthday boy deserves some naughty spanking!!!

And now I go off to administer his spankings, and what ever else the good birthday boy desires. No wonder he likes his birthday!

No wonder he loves me!

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