Wednesday, October 08, 2003

California's Economic Woes to be Terminated...

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Gray Davis:

"You're Terminiated... Mo'F***er."

Okay, so thats not a direct quote (atleast not officially but I can imagine it being said), but... Wow. How the mighty will fall. And Fall Davis did. To be frank, it makes me happy. Although somewhat ambivalent to such far away politics, I'll admit I wanted Schwarzenegger to win, I thought he played his cards well and deserved it. Good for him.

On a related note, it appears (hat tip to LT Smash) that the cause of the October 7 California earthquake has been found.

I am in one of those moods today... it's a good mood but I lack direction... which is ok, cause it is my first day off of four (I dont work again until Saturday night). I am enjoying my afternoon home alone, while planning the rest of my day and looking forward to everyone coming home. I think I will go to the mall, do some housework, and cook dinner. Tonight I hope we watch one (or two maybe?) of Duncan's new movies. Theres no need for rushing today and I like that. Just me alone with a silly smile on my face and all sorts of odd thoughts running through my head. Allow me to elaborate:

10 Greatest things since SLICED CHEESE:

1. $2.99 Kids meals at Hooters. 5 big Wings and a plateful of fries. (Duncan interjects here with, "we almost can't justify eating anywhere else!")
2. West Edmonton Mall. It has everything, even a Roller Coaster.
3. Staff get Mall discounts at above mentioned Mall with everything. Yay!
4. Working four days on, four days off. Wow, a four day weekend, everytime. And if I take a shift off, thats 12 days off right there! Anyone out there jealous yet?
5. Every month, my family gets a free pass to one of WEM's attractions, our choice.
6. My benefits start after only three months, and then I get a raise!
7. Being woken up for sex. Three times.
8. Having a second bathroom downstairs in our house. I don't know what we did pre-second bathroom.
9. Sunbathing/tanning in Edmonton in October. Boy- it's gorgeous here.
10. Being engaged to my best friend. I'm gonna marry that man!

Oh yeah, and someone else does all our yard work. That's pretty sweet.

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