Thursday, October 02, 2003

He asked...


Thats right, it's official, we are engaged! Duncan came home on Monday with a special surprise for me: he was so cute, the ring is so beautiful, and I love him so - so ofcourse I said yes. Apart from the computer being down (borrowed a laptop so I could finally blog - talk about withdrawal issues!) we also wanted to contact a few relatives by phone before broadly announcing, and not all those are quite done yet, but soon they will be. I just couldn't wait a moment longer. I am bursting at the seams with the news! I wanted to include a picture of the ring but I can't get the card reader on this laptop to recognize my media card (yet), so soon I will post a picture.

So, actually, tonnes of exciting stuff has happened since the computer died - My ring doesn't have the only diamonds in our lives right now - Raven was awarded a Diamond of Distinction Award for academic excellence at her school today. Very proud we are.

AND... I was offerred a job today! West Edmonton Mall Security offerred me their Communications Officer Position. They treated me super nice so I kind of knew they would offer it to me... plus, I am just that good! I start this weekend, and it is exciting to be working in the same field as Duncan is - and close enough to home that I don't have to get a bus pass! Yay me!

Also, in the past few days, I made another friend. The mother of one of Wesley's friends, her name is Janine. She just moved here from Victoria. She seems nice, we have loads in common, and she stayed the other day, while Chelsea and Wes played, for a few hours talking. It's starting to look very good here indeed.

Everything is going well. Our computer should have all working parts by the 20th and until then, well, this shall suffice. Hope everyone is well - I was excited to see my visitors list approaching almost 4000, even in my absence! I love you all!

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