Thursday, April 27, 2006

We are not at War...

We are Rebuilding Afghanistan.

I have read a few of my fellow bloggers recently who have said we are "at war." Canada is not at war. (At war with whom?) I wish to dispel this myth because I believe that it takes away from the good work we are doing in Afghanistan and around the world.

Taken directly from the websites of both Foreign Affairs and the Department of National Defence (Yes I know it is lazy but I am tired):

  • Canada is making important diplomatic, defence and development contributions to the stabilization and reconstruction of Afghanistan.
  • Canada is in Afghanistan today at the invitation of the Afghan government.
  • Canada is in Afghanistan to defend our national interests; ensure Canadian leadership in world affairs; and help Afghanistan rebuild.
  • Canada's work will build on a "whole-of-government approach." This includes the deployment of a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), followed by subsequent Canadian military deployments.
  • Task Force Afghanistan’s mission is to improve the security situation in southern Afghanistan, and play a key role in the transition from the United States (US)-led multinational coalition (known as Operation ENDURING FREEDOM) to NATO leadership (scheduled for the summer of 2006).
  • Canada’s renewed military commitment in Afghanistan builds on the success of our peace-support operations to strengthen the security situation.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Allie:

Actually, we have information about Canada's work in Operation Enduring Freedom at the US Central Command website, The section specifically dedicated to Canada's work is at

Also, FYI, I recently did an interview with Canada's Senior National Representative (I.E. highest ranking officer) at CENTCOM headquarters. It's at

Anyway, thanks for your interest.

SPC C. Flowers
CENTCOM Public Affairs

Allie said...

Thats some of the most interesting spam I've ever got! Too not all the links work! Although I must admit at first I thought it was a joke - SPC C Flowers...(and why would Centcom be reading my blog anyways?) but I went there and there really is a SPC C Flowers...

Anonymous said...

We can call it peacekeeping or whatever we want, but if we send troops into harms way and people are trying to kill them (and, you have to assume, our troops are trying to kill them right back as if only for self-defense) then how is that NOT war?

Allie said...

Ummm... No declaration of war? No state to declare war against? No plan of attack or war aims on our part? Nothing to gain? I guess I could go on and on forever but it's just easier to reinforce that we are not at war.

Get a grip.

We aren't Peacekeeping, we are on a NATO mission in Afghanistan. We are there by the express invitation of the government of Afghanistan and we are there to support the Afghanistan people as they recover from the Taliban rule and the subsequent american "liberation."

We aren't at war. I assure you when we are the military will be the first to know about it. Until then you can read all about the mission on their website.