Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Attitudes DO Speak Louder Than Words

A letter was read aloud to the House on Tuesday - a letter written by Lincoln Dinning, father of Cpl. Matthew Dinning, to the Prime Minister.

Mr. Dinning was hurt by Stephen Harper's decision not to lower the flag on the Peace Tower for Pte. Robert Costall when he was killed on March 29th, and he urged the Prime Minister to reconsider his decision.

"I would suggest to you that there is no more important VIP than a Canadian soldier who gave his life in the service of his country. Please correct this wrong and show that actions speak louder than words and lower the flag next time a Canadian soldier is killed."

Mr. Dinning wrote this letter just a couple of weeks before Cpl. Matthew Dinning was killed in Afghanistan. Who could have known he would be writing this letter for his own son?

Under military policy flags are flown at half mast at a fallen soldier's active post, their home unit/base and at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa. In addition, all army units (dependant on the Soldier's branch of service) will fly their flags at half mast until the completion of the soldier's funeral.

Canadian Flags are currently being flown at half mast at the soldiers' home bases, at DND HQ, at other bases, at Canada Post Offices in Edmonton, at Toronto City Hall, at Alberta and Saskatchewan provincial buildings and all across Canada as private business owners and citizens seek to honour the fallen as heroes and to recognize their contributions.

The Prime Minister has directed that the Flag on the Peace Tower and the Flag at our Embassy in Washington not be lowered as they have been in the past. I will join my voice with Lincoln Dinning's in asking our Prime Minister to reconsider his decision in this matter.

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